News 13Jun13

Lawmaker:  Why Do IRS Agents Train with AR-15’s?
“IRS Criminal Investigation has internal controls and oversight in place to ensure all law enforcement tools, including weapons are used appropriately.”
Are these “internal controls” the same set of “controls” that were in effect when the IRS lost a crap load of weapons and lap tops?  Or are these new “improved controls”?

Home Depot Co Founder: We Should Throw Edward Snowden a Party!

Already covered, but worth another look
Federal Government Has Been Involved in 17 False-flag “Terrorist Events”

Did the House and Ousted IRS Chief Steven Miller Just Admit That Taxes are Voluntary?
Obviously a play on words versus the real meaning, but something to think about again.  The IRS long ago, and documented by HOTT extensively, is self-termed a “Voluntary Compliance System”.

The Dark Side of Archaeology

Cynthia Lee Meyers (cousin of one man who was killed in Benghazi)

The Surveillance State: Can You Break Free From The Matrix?
“We are living in tyranny. The Totalitarian state is here now. It hasn’t been completely locked down yet, but it’s getting there. In the meantime, you can still decide what you will do.”

Discrediting The American Constitution
“These kids will be the first generation of Americans to voluntarily surrender their family’s firearms.”

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